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KillerMail: Encrypted, Secure, & User Friendly


KillerMail offers state of the art email encryption and security. In recent years, government whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden have proved that the prying eyes of the NSA have full back-door access to all of your personal communications. Our modern day encryption makes it near-impossible for unauthorized entities to intercept your information. We also have 2-step authentication options to ensure no one (including sophisticated hackers) can access your account.

Why KillerMail?


Here at KillerMail, we honor your privacy and security. Our interest is to provide our users with a 100% secure, private, and user friendly experience. Many other email services lead you to believe you have privacy, however, if you read their small print Privacy Policies and Terms of Service, you will find that this is not the case. Nearly all major email service providers use automated scripts to read all of your emails & collect data which is many times sold to advertisers. You don't need to worry about any of that here!

Encryption is Key!


You may be asking yourself "why the heck do I need encryption?" Encryption protects your email communications from being read by ANY outsiders, including ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, hackers, competitors, and the like. Here at KillerMail we have developed new encryption techniques; a devestating blow to snoops such as the US Federal Government.

Access KillerMail Anywhere!


KillerMail makes it easy for you to access your email from anywhere in the world. Whether you're at home on a laptop, at work on a desktop, at the airport on a tablet, or sitting at the bus stop on your smartphone, you can access your account from anywhere there is an internet connection.

The World's first fully encrypted email with vanity domain selection!


Tired of being like everyone else? Break loose from the @gmail, @yahoo, & @aol pack and represet yourself with a unique email domain. Register today & choose an email vanity that will pack a punch with your friends and colleagues.


@killermail Our brand new mail client has been launched!