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KillerMail is Secure & User Friendly

At KillerMail we offer Government level Encryption and Security! Free might I add! We have several steps in place to make sure no one gains access to your account other than YOU! Many services claim this but accounts are stolen by the second. We also provide options that will make it much more difficult for Hackers to even gain access to your account. Like 2-step authentication!

Why Should You Use KillerMail?

Here at KillerMail we honor your privacy and security. Although, many email services lead you to believe you have privacy if you read their lengthy terms of services (TOS) and their Privacy Policy's you will realize that almost all major email services have automated scripts to READ ALL YOUR EMAIL! YES! You heard me right, they use programs to scan all of your emails. Why you might ask? Too fatten their greedy pockets! They use your email content to decide what your most likely to purchase or visit in an advertisement. Here at killer mail we stray from that tactic! Our interest is to provide users with a SECURE, PRIVATE, and USER FRIENDLY experience!

Encryption is Key!

What's that you say Encryption?! Yes, you read it right here at KillerMail we are developing new encryption techniques so that you will have the ability to add a devastating blow to snoops! Those snoops include the Nosy Federal Government. This feature will slowly be rolled out over the next few weeks. Something we didn't go over? No problem we love answering any questions you may have just drop us a line at

Access KillerMail Anywhere!

Wheter you be 9 or more hours from home or a laptop or desktop computer with a mobile phone or tablet you will be able to read and manage your mail, contacts and profile settings within a few tabs or selections.

Multiple Vanity's To Choose From!

We have multiple domains to represent yourself by. Register now to get full access to use our of our vanitys for your new KillerMail account.

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